Welcome to a new series of World Debates on African topics, produced for BBC World News by Ben Cashdan of the Broad Daylight Films Foundation iin Johannesburg.


(EP 2 ENGLISH):- Is Homosexuality Un-African?
(EP 2 FRANCAIS):- L’homosexualité est-elle non-africaine ?
(EP 2 PORTUGUÊS):- A homossexualidade é contra-Africana?

(EP 1 ENGLISH):- Millenium Development Goals:
What’s Holding Us Back?

(EP 1 FRANCAIS):- Objectifs du Millénaire pour le Développement:
Qu’est-ce nous empêche de progresser ?

(EP 1 PORTUGUÊS):- Objectivos de Desenvolvimento do Milénio:
Porquê o atraso?


Welcome to Series Two of The Big Debate, brought to you by the eNews Channel in partnership with the Dinokeng Scenarios and Broad Daylight Films.

Over the next six weeks, we ask (CLICK TO WATCH ONLINE):
(EP 1):-   Have citizens and the government lost faith in each other?
(EP 2): -  Has transformation gone off track?
(EP 3): -  Is our Foreign Policy immoral?
(EP 4): -  Do we need a new paradigm to create jobs ?
(EP 5): -  Is education safe in government hands?
(EP 6): -  Can we meet our energy needs & protect our environment?

And throughout the series we will ask the central question raised by the Dinokeng Scenarios: What will it take for South Africans to Walk Together?

Catch the shows every Wednesday at 21h00 on the eNews Channel (DSTV Channel 403) or every Friday at 10h00 (in the morning) on e.tv.

You can also join the debate by giving us your feedback on this website.  And you can watch each show on this site the week after it has been broadcast.

You can also read more about the issues raised in the special supplements which will appear in Independent Newspapers around the country every Monday.

THE BIG DEBATE: DINOKENG SCENARIOS is produced with the financial support of Nedbank and Old Mutual.  Support is also provided by The Open Society (South Africa).

Watch Series One of THE BIG DEBATE online now:

WATCH NOW – EPISODE 1 (Zimbabwe)
WATCH NOW – EPISODE 2 (The Elections)
WATCH NOW – EPISODE 4 (Sex & Culture)
WATCH NOW – EPISODE 5 (The Arms Deal)
WATCH NOW – EPISODE 6 (Health Care)

Series One of THE BIG DEBATE was supported by the Open Society Foundation (South Africa), the Ford Foundation and the Atlantic Philanthropies

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  1. Hello. i did not know tha such a thing existed. Congrats BBC. Cameroon will organize the 3rd edition of its National Universities Debating Championship in Douala from November 4 to 11 and the 1st edition of Nationa Schools debating Championshp the same month. How can webenefit from your mediatic support? Debate formats: British parliamentary Debate Format and karl Popper Format

  2. Catherine Gibbons says:

    Please keep me informed on these very interesting subjects. I would like to attend the debate on Arts and Culture tomorrow evening as the provincial coordinator for FET Arts Gr 10-12 at the Gauteng department of Education. Unfortunately my booking request was returned. Please can I have a contact tel number?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Catherine

    Thanks for the comment. You should be able to reach us at bigdebatesouthafrica@gmail.com.

    The Producers

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